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    Advertising to the Home Decor Market
The Home Décor Market segment is strong. This target delivers high household income levels, and high home ownership percentages for women 35-54. Home décor titles and programs offer “asprirational” images of “how it could be”. Make your product stand out in these titles by offering readers the opportunity to take small steps toward fulfilling those aspirations.  

The Home Décor segment has refined audiences within the segment as well, focusing attention on types of style from American Country to Tuscan. Fitting your advertising message to the exact audience take refinement in the buying process, but also in the creative development and positioning of your offer. Décor titles tend to have a very heavy social following as well, which allows you to build a media plan that has multiple touch-points for the same demographic target. 

Publication Count: 181
Volume: 175,063,349
Average Age: 49
Average HHI: 104,121
Average Female: 75%