Data Card: ATM Receipt Program

Strategic Alliance Group is the largest provider of advertising and promotions on ATMs. The network of ATMs spans every major market in the continental US. With over 350,000 ATMs in the United States representing over 13 billion transactions per year, ATM advertising offers the perfect opportunity to reach an infinite number of customers. In Banks. In Stores. Everywhere.   There is a two-tier network which  includes ATMs inside of bank branches as well as off-site ATMs inside pharmacies, grocery stores, shopping malls, airports, retail stores, convenience stores, discount stores and more!  

ATM promotions are able to target young, educated, upscale prospects, with cash in hand, who are ready to spend money. With ATM advertising, you get the undivided attention of your prospective customers. That's because yours is the only offer on the receipt - no clutter, no competition. And because ATM receipts are not wrinkled up and thrown away, but instead saved for up to 30 days to balance checkbooks, ATM promotions offer a 99% retention rate.

12 per year

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