Data Card: Atomic Ranch

After World War II, there was a huge building boom to alleviate America’s severe housing crunch. Across the nation, millions of tract homes were constructed in virtually every state and the ranch house and its stylish cousin, the modernist tract home, became king. That appeal lasted through the “atomic age” well into the 1970s, an era when 75% of all new homes were ranches. Postwar neighborhoods—from Levittown on Long Island to the Eichler tracts in the Bay Area—are now considered historic, and the houses are embraced by a new generation of owners. No other shelter magazine reaches the mid-century design market like Atomic Ranch. Focusing on the homeowner experience, from renovations and remodels to furnishings and lifestyle, the publication is the hub of a cultural group. 
Atomic Ranch readers are educated, affluent and passionate about their homes and furnishings. They are actively interested in mid-century architecture and design, green construction and historic preservation, and many work in creative fields such as architecture, design, media and music.

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