Data Card: CH Kadels Blow-In

Part of the BUDK family of companies, the CH Kadels catalog is a compilation of military and survival gear, hard to find authentic surplus, outdoor apparel and camping supplies. 

The CH Kadels catalog offers thousands of unique items from military brands like UZI, FOX, ROTHCO, CAMELBAK, 5.11 Tactical, UTG, and more. The product line features military apparel, boots, assault packs, MRE's, mess kits, tents, hammocks, flashlights, survival and first aid kits, gun accessories and ammo. Ch Kadels also carries survival knives, axes, and shovels along with compasses and fire starters. In addition, CH Kadels has one of the largest selections of authentic military surplus gear including helmets, gas masks, and bags from Germany, Russia, and France.

Catalog Blow-Ins
12 per year

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