Data Card: Counselor Magazine

Celebrating a landmark forty years in the industry (this year), Counselor has evolved to become the nation’s leading publication, serving professionals in addiction treatment, behavioral health care, and mental health fields. Over these four decades, no other magazine in the United States covers addiction prevention and treatment as thoroughly, as accurately, and as influentially as Counselor. It provides thorough, up-to-date information in an easy-to-read style that translates into increased knowledge and enhanced clinical skills for its readers. Addiction, behavioral health care, and mental health professionals depend on Counselor for unbiased, peer-reviewed, original articles covering cuttingedge research and offering practical information they can use. In addition, Counselor’s collaboration with the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment provides readers with articles that bridge the gap between addiction research and clinical practice. In these pages Counselor celebrates its faithful readers for supporting the magazine throughout these forty years.


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