Data Card: DMG Sweepstakes Journal PIP

DMG Opportunity Seekers accepts advertisers to place advertising on the back of their quarterly newsletters which are sent out nationally to consistent subscribers. This is a 100% direct mail campaign with emphasis on sweepstakes reports, contests and other promotional offers.

Updated quarterly, these premium buyers are the perfect audience for all manner of self-improvement, opportunity, lotto/gambling, sweepstakes, contests, 900# and low-end merchandise offers.

The newsletters also offer information on health-related issues, beauty, fitness, home improvement, cooking, travel, along with horoscopes, puzzles, and arts and crafts.

Package Inserts
4 per year

Insert Minimum Specs: 3.00" X 5.00"
Insert Maximum Specs: 5.50" X 8.50"
Insert Max Weight: 0.25oz

For more information please contact TSW US at (888) 735-2723 or