Data Card: Fairfield Collectibles On-The-Pak

Your inserts will be included with the customer's invoice that is attached to the outside of each shipment.  Your advertisement will receive premium exposure riding along with other cross promotions from the Fairfield Collectibles.      

Fairfield Collectibles is one of the largest marketers of die-cast automobile replicas in the United States! The Fairfield Collectibles catalog is filled with a vast array  of authentically detailed WWII planes & tanks, historic  ships, in addition to the most memorable cars from the 30's,  40's, 50's & 60's. Their wide assortment of attractively priced, quality die-cast replicas are highly sought after by  collectors enthusiasts and nostalgia buffs.    
The typical Fairfield Collectibles customers are age 50+ men  (80%) and women (20%) from rural America. Whether reminiscing about a 1950's Chevy Bel Air, Vintage Ford or   their favorite muscle car, these buyers enjoy the nostalgic journey that's part of their shopping experience.

12 per year

Insert Maximum Specs: 5.50" X 8.50"
Insert Max Weight: 0.25oz

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