Data Card: Eastbay PIP

Reach today's urban and competitive athletes in an influential, engaging and exclusive market segment claiming significant recognition! Eastbay customers aspire to be the elite varsity athlete and consider Eastbay the first choice to shop. Matched with Foot Locker's market domination as the athletic connoisseur of sneakers, deemed "sneaker central," these combined audiences allow your materials to reach athletes who crave the latest technologies, cutting-edge styles, and trends in footwear, apparel, and equipment. They (and their parents) want to improve their performance and/or look great doing it. Your brand promotion will touch the fingertips of amateurs and professionals, high school and college students and of course, their parents all aspiring to either be the best or look the best.

Inserts will be included in shipments to,,,,, and No list/database on the market – you cannot reach this audience without going through exclusive media channels.

Package Inserts
11 per year

Insert Minimum Specs: 3.00" X 5.00"
Insert Maximum Specs: 5.50" X 8.50"
Insert Max Weight: 0.25oz

For more information please contact TSW US at (888) 735-2723 or