Data Card: Hobby Farms

Whether for sustainability or profitability, Hobby Farms celebrates the challenge, accomplishment and pride of creating and maintaining a successful low-acreage farm, garden or orchard.Every bimonthly issue of Hobby Farms educates, entertains and fosters the needs of small-scale farmers of every experience level and in varying climates and environments.Through expert articles and brilliant photography, Hobby Farms offers tips on cultivating soil and crops, information on caring and keeping livestock, useful buying advice, step-by-step DYI projects, seasonal recipes, and much more.Hobby Farms magazine helps readers realize their farming goals with spotlights on the very best in farming equipment and tools such as general purpose vehicles, irrigation systems, pest control, and new farming technologies. With in-depth reports and updates, Hobby Farms readers are the first to be educated on national and local agricultural laws, regulations and organic certifications.

County distribution percentage B County 27% C County 20% D County 31%
Hobby Farms has an Enews list size of 55,000 Average open rate: 20.60% Average CTR: 32.23%

6 per year

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