Data Card: The Irish Times

Below is a summary of the audience profile: 

Multitasking Families: 46% of readers aged between 35-44 making up 24% of their total weekly audience. The Multitasking parents value convenience, are willing to pay more for high quality products, take a keen interest in the nutrional content of their families food intake and are likely to pay more than the national average for family holidays. 

Careerists: With 49% aged 25-44 and making up 22% of their total weekly audience, this cohert are careet focused, willing to pay more for quality, 54% more likely than the national average to pay into a monthly savings account and is keen to experiment with new brands that appeal to them. 

Senior Business Decision Makers: With 36% aged 35-44, this cohort are 89% more likley that the national average to earn a higher income, and occupy C Suite roles. With expensive tastes, and being happy to pay more for quality, the financial and business content are of particular interest and are 68% more likely than the national average to be university degree educated or higher. 

Free Spirited Millenials: 13% of total weekly audience, this cohort is educated, engaged and very open to new brand experiences. 47% of the Irish Times Milenial audience are homeowners, and as a segment, are very active on social media, live very active social livesm likes to try new gadgets and are heavy users of technology. 

Highly Spirted Seniors: 29% of total weekly audience, 97% of this 55+ cohort are outright homeowners, 48% more likely than the national average to take up to 4 holidays a year, like to look well dressed and are willing to spend more on quality, in particular Fair Trade Products 

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