Data Card: New York Times Billing Statement Program

The New York Times is much more than news.  One of the most recognized and powerful brands in the world - the New York Times offers their billing statements as an opportunity to reach these highly educated, affluent and influential subscribers.  These readers are open-minded, and deeply curious about the world around them.  These consumers have a median age of 45 with a median household income of $93,000 with 45% having incomes greater than $100,000.  They are college graduates - 67% and hold professional/managerial positions - 59%.                                                                                                                                                        
Consumer Source:   Direct to Publisher, Direct Mail, Active Subscribers.

Newspaper Subscription Statements
12 per year
NY * New York

Insert Minimum Specs: 6.00" X 3.50"
Insert Maximum Specs: 8.50" X 3.88"
Insert Max Weight: 0.15oz

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