Data Card: Out Here Tractor Supply Magazine

Out Here magazine has the stories your customers want to read about the rural lifestyle life. The full color, 60-plus page, glossy magazine gives the perfect editorial environment to promote products in a friendly way. Independent research has shown tremendous appeal for the information and guidance provided in Out Here magazine. In many cases, each issue is read cover-to-cover. Customers relate to articles on living the good life out here along with how to articles: how to build things, how to repair things and how to get the most out of a rural lifestyle.Four times each year, almost 500,000 issues of Out Here are produced and distributed free to customers in over 1,600 stores nationwide. 

Vendor results have been impressive, whether looking at sales dollars, units sold, coupon response, contest results or consumer exposure.

Tractor Supply Company is the largest operator of rural lifestyle retail stores in the United States. The company operates over 1,600 retail stores in 49 states, employs more than 24,000 team members and is headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn. Stores supply the unique products to support their customers' rural lifestyle, from welders and generators to animal care products and men and women's workwear. You can also find pet supplies, animal feed, power tools, riding mowers, lawn and garden products and more. Each store team includes welders, farmers and horse owners who collectively provide an exceptional depth of knowledge and resources. 

Tractor Supply is continuing to grow with new stores and improved product offerings. The Tractor Supply mission and values motivate and inspire team members and give the organization a unified focus for the future. 

Tractor Supply Co. Products Include:
Clothing & Footwear
Dog, Cat & Pet Supplies
Trailers & Accessories
Lawn and Garden Supplies
Propane & Heating Supplies
Tools & Gun Safes
Welders & Welding Supplies
Lawn Mowers & Power Generator

4 per year

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