Data Card: Professional Carwashing and Detailing

PROFESSIONAL CARWASHING & DETAILING is a b2b brand whose primary focus is on educating and informing operators of carwashes, fast lube facilities, and auto detailing centers. The brand content and editorial scope of the publication features tips and techniques geared toward helping those involved in the carwash and detail industry. The content of every issue is also available to subscribers globally via the online digital version. 40% SME < 4 locations. 

Trade Publications
7 per year

OnPage Full Page Specs: 6.88" X 9.88"
OnPage Half Page Specs: 6.88" X 4.81"
OnPage Third Page Specs: 4.50" X 4.81"
OnPage Qtr Page Specs: 6.88" X 2.25"

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