Data Card: National Guard Magazine

Official publication of the National Guard US, it reaches men and women of both the Army and Air National Guard, active and retired officers and enlists. As well as senior officials from the National Guard Bureau, governors, senators and representatives in congress and other government agencies. The mission is to make those aware of the needs for equipment; training and education in order to better serve the needs of the National Guard. Keeping members informed on association and Guard related issues worldwide. Both print and digital advertising opportunities are available.  Readership also includes Pentagon officials, the nations governors, key members of Congress and the defense industry

Magazines - Membership
12 per year

OnPage Full Page Specs: 7.00" X 10.00"
OnPage Half Page Specs: 7.00" X 4.88"
OnPage Third Page Specs: 2.25" X 10.00"
OnPage Qtr Page Specs: 4.63" X 4.88"

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