Data Card: TheHomeMag

Thehomemag delivers over 5 million high-quality magazines to luxury homeowners every month nationwide providing the most powerful and quantifiable advertising medium for home improvement business owners in the market today. 
TheHomeMag is available in Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Boulder, CO, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Colorado Springs, CO, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, East Bay, CA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Ft. Worth, TX, Houston, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Kansas City, KS, Las Vegas, NV, Maryland, MD, Miami, FL, Nashville, TN, Northern Virginia, VA, Oklahoma City, OK, Orange County, CA, Orlando, FL, Palm Beach, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Raleigh, NC, Richmond, VA, Salt Lake City, UT, San Antonio, TX, San Diego, CA, Space Coast, FL, Tampa, Fl, Triad, NC, Tuscon, AZ, Ventura/SF Valley, CA

Local Coupon Magazines
12 per year

OnPage Full Page Specs: 7.50" X 9.75"
OnPage Half Page Specs: 7.50" X 4.75"
OnPage Qtr Page Specs: 3.63" X 4.75"

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