Data Card: Transworld SKATEboarding

TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING has been the largest, most-respected skateboarding media outlet in the world for more than 30 years.
Delivering the most innovative photography and cutting-edge editorial content, it offers readers an inside look at skate culture through news, product reviews and in-depth profiles of the world's top skateboarders. 

TransWorld SKATEboarding covers the American and global skateboard scenes from street and vert-ramp skating to international competition, and it features in-depth interviews with the top pros and up-and-coming riders. Designed to spread the culture of skateboarding in its purest form, the magazine provides bold, inside coverage of professional skateboarding events, personalities, equipment and techniques.

12 per year

OnPage Full Page Specs: 7.50" X 10.00"
OnPage Half Page Specs: 7.13" X 4.75"
OnPage Third Page Specs: 2.13" X 9.75"
OnPage Qtr Page Specs: 3.44" X 4.75"

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