Data Card: USPS Mover's Guide

Available at every post office across the country, the Mover's Guide product contains the official Change of Address Form, as well as valuable move-related coupons and offers. Movers must fill out this form to initiate the U.S. Postal Service mail forwarding process. For advertisers, the Movers Guide offers a suite of advertising products combined in a single vehicle that targets pre-move consumers. Advertising opportunities within the Movers Guide, include panels attached to the Change of Address form and inserts of various sizes within the envelope. The Mover's Guide is distributed to all 38,000 Post Offices around the country. Approximately 31 Million movers annually initiate a Change of Address request utilizing the Mover's Guide, within 3 weeks before their move.

Official USPS Change of Address Form
31 million Movers each year
38,000 post offices
Within 3 weeks pre-move

Co-op Envelopes
3 per year
State, National

Insert Minimum Specs: 2.88" X 7.00"
Insert Maximum Specs: 2.88" X 7.00"

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