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Our goal in posting our blogs is three fold: To introduce timely industry news that is relevant to our clients; to post items we find interesting and entertaining, and finally, to give you a glimpse of TSW US “Behind the Curtain”. We take the business aspects of what we are doing very seriously, but we like to have fun, hopefully that shines through here.

Our Blog is a puzzle being assembled. Sometimes the individual pieces of the puzzle don’t look like the whole picture once completed – You have to keep adding pieces one at a time to make the image clear. We hope you keep coming back to see how the TSW US puzzle takes shape.

Blog Image for What can I, as an individual, do?

What can I, as an individual, do?


Sir David Attenborough discusses why he supports World Land Trust and how you can take action to protect the natural wonders of the world.


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Blog Image for Ocado Post Check-out Offer

Ocado Post Check-out Offer


With it soon to be Mother's Day we thought we'd offer you a...
Pro-mum-tion! (sorry, we couldn't resist)

We all love our mums, but let’s be honest... Some of us are shopping for them at the last minute!

In 2019 it’s estimated that Britons spent over a billion pounds
(£1.4 billion to be precise!) on Mother’s Day gifts.
The average spend per Mother's Day shopper will be around £58… 62% of women bought presents while only 57% of men did.

Target these online savvy shoppers by taking advantage of Connections (UK) partner Ocado Retail Ltd post check-out page.

Estimated Impressions: 3m per calendar month
Av CTR: 0.2%

Demographic information
Female 85% - 15% Male
25-44 – 68%
ABC1 – 69%
72% married families
London and SE bias

Contact Johnwarner@connectionsbytsw.com for your March discounted short-term rate.

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Blog Image for Recent survey confirms samples and inserts are amongst the most popular forms of advertising

Recent survey confirms samples and inserts are amongst the most popular forms of advertising


Connections by TSW recently partnered with market research leaders CINT to carry out two research projects. Both were aimed at US Moms and with the intention of finding out what respondents thought about receiving advertising literature and/or product samples in their ecommerce packages. The results were extremely positive.

When you purchase products online do you like the brand you purchase from to share exciting offers or product samples with you?

Unprecedented approval ratings for ecommerce inserts and product samples!

The chart depicts the responses made by our audience of 300 US Moms to the question when you purchase products online do you like the brand you purchase from to share exciting offers or product samples with you? And an incredible 95.3% of respondents replied that they did.

Over ¾ of respondents (78.2%) replied that they enjoyed receiving both inserts and samples. Compare that to other advertising channels and the level of engagement that this media offers to advertisers really is unmatched.

Here at Connections by TSW we are not surprised by this. Our experience leads us to believe that this high level of approval can be attributed to the following reasons.

  • Under normal circumstances the ads that run in ecommerce packages have to be cleared and approved by the brands running the programs. This process ensures that only the most suitable and complementary campaigns go live. This is one of the main reasons that the channel is so responsive as well of course.
  • Customers are shown these ads in samples at a great time! The excitement and anticipation of opening a delivery combined with a tailored suitable offer.
  • And ecommerce packages have a 100% open rate! Hard to beat that!

Blog Image for New Brands are being added to the Connections marketplace all the time.

New Brands are being added to the Connections marketplace all the time.


By bringing together different brands with similar target audiences to create a network of programs Connections by TSW are able to offer immediate scale for any campaign.

Connections by TSW would be happy to put together a tailer made set of programs and partnerships for your D2C brand. Some of the sectors that we are currently seeing huge success in are:

  • Moms
  • Health and Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Home Owners
  • Regular Travelers

And many more!

The team at Connections by TSW have over 20 years of direct marketing experience and are trusted by some of the biggest ecommerce brands in North America and UK.

If you are interested in either monetising your ecoomerce inventory or partnering with other complementary brands please do get in touch. We would love to talk.

Favorability rating towards advertising channels

Blog Image for World Mental Health Day  with Snapchat and Headspace Mini

World Mental Health Day with Snapchat and Headspace Mini


Snapchat’s Headspace Mini has two new mediations in honor of World Mental Health Day.  “Choose Kindness” encourages compassion and “Take on the School Year” aims to help navigate uncertainty. Both will be available starting 10 October.

We could all benefit from a 6 minute break in the day for a bit of mindfulness.

Read more about the Headspace Mini meditations here:  https://www.medianews4u.com/snapchat-and-headspace-team-up-for-world-mental-health-day/

Blog Image for National Trust Scotland goes Naked

National Trust Scotland goes Naked


We've read another great article about corporate generosity this week.
The National Trust for Scotland will be receiving conservation funds through a partnership with Naked Wines

 A direct donation and a percentage from the sale of selected NTS cases will go to support the charity. What a great way to celebrate Scotland and Scotland's contribution to winemaking!

Read all about it here:


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Blog Image for $2.5 million for Laura

$2.5 million for Laura


Walmart are stepping up to support the recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. $2.5 million will go to local nonprofits active in Texas and Louisiana, and 600,000 bottles of water have been donated to the cause. 

Read about this beautiful example of good works here:


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Blog Image for Help for the Hungry

Help for the Hungry


Walmart and Sam's Club's "Fight Hunger. Spark Change." campaign raised $306,374 for local Atlanta families in need, engaging customers, members, and suppliers in the fight against hunger.

Atlanta Community Food Bank accepted donations of both food and funds to help an increasing number in need due to the COVID19 outbreak. 

Nearly $18 million was raised this year to benefit 200 Feeding America® member food banks nationwide. TSW loves seeing corporate generosity. 


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Blog Image for HotTopic is BACK!

HotTopic is BACK!


HotTopic Package Inserts space is once again available!

Reach today’s youth through this great program. Book Now to have your inserts ride direct to these responsive consumers.

The program is made up of two brands. Hottopic and Boxlunch with a 75%/25% split in favor of Hottopic.

Hot Topic specializes in music and pop culture inspired fashion including body jewelry, accessories, Rock T-Shirts, Skinny Jeans, Band T-shirts, Music T-shirts

BoxLunch is a specialty retailer offering a curated collection of pop culture-themed product offering of apparel, accessories, home goods, gift and novelty, and collectibles.

Contact us today for more information. (https://www.connectionsbytsw.com/media/hottopic-boxlunch-pip

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Blog Image for Zero Carbon for HelloFresh

Zero Carbon for HelloFresh


HelloFresh is looking to be the first carbon neutral meal kit. By investing in Climate Protections Projects around the globe and transitioning to Green Energy Warehouses, they plan to 100% offset their direct carbon emissions.

Read more about this great initiative here: https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/BU2008/S00065/hellofresh-to-become-first-global-carbon-neutral-meal-kit-company.htm

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