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Our goal in posting our blogs is three fold: To introduce timely industry news that is relevant to our clients; to post items we find interesting and entertaining, and finally, to give you a glimpse of TSW US “Behind the Curtain”. We take the business aspects of what we are doing very seriously, but we like to have fun, hopefully that shines through here.

Our Blog is a puzzle being assembled. Sometimes the individual pieces of the puzzle don’t look like the whole picture once completed – You have to keep adding pieces one at a time to make the image clear. We hope you keep coming back to see how the TSW US puzzle takes shape.

Blog Image for May 21st is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

May 21st is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development


Today, May 21st is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. 2018 is also the year at TSW when we focus on diversity. In keeping with our historic theme of having fun while getting meaningful exposure to other cultures, we are hosting a “Pot-Luck” lunch. Each employee is bringing in a dish that reflects their heritage and will be sharing a unique or insightful point on how their background and culture impacts how they see the world. It should be fascinating, and yummy. We can’t wait!

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World Day for Cultural Diversity


In celebration of Diversity, I am sharing Poutine.

While fiercely proud of being American, I am also proud of my French Canadian heritage. My family traces it’s roots in Quebec back to 1653; roughly 31 years after the Mayflower landed here in America. In considering my background for World Day for Cultural Diversity, I identified three key ways in which my heritage impacts how I see the world: the pioneer spirit is strong, I know that Art should be part of every life, and finally, I have a fervent belief that food is Art.

 What does that mean when you sit down in a conference room though? It means that there is a strong need to build, and build from the foundations up; to take measured risks, and keep trying, editing, failing and trying again.

It means that there has to be balanced in life, and that beauty has to hold hands with structure in order for there to be a real value. It means that breaking bread with someone, sharing an experience over good food will mean more in the long run than eating a crappy sandwich at your desk. In the act of sharing a meal, you are sharing Art and an experience with someone for a brief moment in time that can never be recaptured. You are SHARING, and that is how we grow; both as a company, and as people.

 Relationships aren’t important, they are everything.

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Blog Image for Home Depot Textile Expansion Brings Death to The Company Store PIP

Home Depot Textile Expansion Brings Death to The Company Store PIP


With The Home Depot acquisition of The Company Store, December 19, 2017, they've decided to pull the package insert program from the market. TSW recommends Plow & Hearth Package insert Program as a great alternative. 

Blog Image for Cascarones



At TSWUS, we are firm believers that in embracing new experiences from other cultures, we become more well-rounded as people. One of our 2018 corporate initiatives is diversity. Part of building diversity is building for it. That means understanding other cultures.

While our offices are already diverse here in the US, we are always ready to join in the challenge of having a little fun while learning about other cultures’ traditions. Today, we jumped in with both feet. Both feet, a broom and a dustpan.

While a Mexican tradition, Cascarones in the US, are common around Easter as there has been a merging of Mexican and US holiday celebrations. Having one of these confetti eggs broken over your head is said to bring good luck. It is also confirmed to be quite fun and very messy.

Fun, Educational, Messy, Addictive. Perfect!

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Blog Image for The Power of Imagery – Rorschach Plate IV

The Power of Imagery – Rorschach Plate IV

In our Power of Imagery segment, we explore a number of concepts based on these Rorschach Plates. We arent necessarily trying to keep true to the classic interpretations. We are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks. Plate IV, a full color plate, starts making us nervous. Even to our untrained eyes, the sexual undertones are obvious. From an advertising perspective, does the discomfort add value? Or does it mix the message? We thought wed share this 1979 research project on The Role of Sexually-Oriented Stimuli in Advertising, which is still heavily quoted today. http://www.acrwebsite.org/search/view-conference-proceedings.aspx?Id=9530

Blog Image for Columbus Day - What is That?

Columbus Day - What is That?

Today is Columbus Day! BUT, what is it, and why are we celebrating it? Well try to explain with the help of History.com, but effectively, we are celebrating the fact that Christopher Columbus discovered Asia by landing in Cuba. Odd, but we like celebrating mistakes in America. They are very often the foundations for great things. Columbus Day is a U.S. holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas on October 12, 1492. Christopher Columbus was an Italian-born explorer who set sail in August 1492, bound for Asia with backing from the Spanish monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Columbus intended to chart a western sea route to China, India and the fabled gold and spice islands of Asia. Instead, he landed in the Bahamas, becoming the first European to explore the Americas since the Vikings established colonies in Greenland and Newfoundland during the 10th century. Later that October, Columbus sighted Cuba and believed it was mainland China; in December the expedition found Hispaniola, which he thought might be Japan. There, he established Spains first colony in the Americas with 39 of his men. In March 1493, Columbus returned to Spain in triumph, bearing gold, spices and Indian captives. The explorer crossed the Atlantic several more times before his death in 1506. It wasnt until his third journey that Columbus finally realized he hadnt reached Asia but instead had stumbled upon a continent previously unknown to Europeans. History.com OOPS! Third time is a charm!
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Blog Image for State of Emergency for Georgia - Offices Closed

State of Emergency for Georgia - Offices Closed


Our Atlanta offices are closed due to a State of Emergency declared for the State of Georgia. Please be aware that we are working from remote locations, and may not be as responsive as we would like in the short term.


Blog Image for Hurricane Harvey Houston Relief

Hurricane Harvey Houston Relief


TSWUS is teaming up with local Atlanta Public School, Warren T. Jackson Elementary to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief. KIPP Climb Academy, located 1 mile from the Sims Bayou in South Houston will be receiving our donations.  Each house at Jackson is contributing different back-to-school items for children in the Houston area. Our i-transact offices in Houston have “feet on the ground”, and will keep us posted on how we can continue to help. We are happy to have a tangible way to move forward in doing so now, and are also extremely pleased to participate in an effort that helps educate our local Atlanta children on the importance of giving back. 


Many schools in Texas have been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to take action and show care and concern for others. Through an organization called Principals Helping Principals, we have been paired with KIPP Climb Academy—located 1 mile from the Sims Bayou in South Houston. We are asking Jackson students to take action and help by donating school supplies. Each house is designated specific school supplies to donate. To encourage participation in this humanitarian project, the house with the most school supply items donated will be awarded 10 house points. Here is the list of school supplies that each house will be collecting: Yellow - pencils, erasers, pens; Blue - crayons, markers, colored pencils; Black, composition book, paper, spiral notebooks; Silver - scissors, glue sticks, glue.

Blog Image for Hurricane Harvey i-transact Houston

Hurricane Harvey i-transact Houston


Sending our love and support to all of our team members in Houston at i-transact. Stay safe, and stay dry! 


Blog Image for Profit with a Purpose - Back to School

Profit with a Purpose - Back to School


Last year at this time, I wrote this post about Desiree Metzger. I am warmed by her continued commitment to the cause.

Understanding what your contribution means in a community is the key to a continued commitment in supporting charitable efforts. The feedback we receive as a company is incredible.

As the President of this company, I am so proud of Desiree, and the rest of my staff, today as we ship out our contributions. Next year we hope to contribute even more.

If we can start one child's school year on a better foot, that will make all of the difference.

"One of the best moments in life is when you pass the torch. It is not great because you want to walk away, but because you see in someone else the ability to take on a task, and potentially do it even better. Holding on to ownership when someone else wants to step up is not only bad as a mentor, it means you never free up your time to explore something new.
This past week, we passed the torch for our “Back to School” charitable efforts for under-privileged children on to Desiree Metzger. We pulled her out of her comfort zone, and made her engage the rest of our staff to great success. Desiree not only embodies the selflessness that charitable efforts require, but keeps incredibly under the radar in pursuing her goal of helping others. People like her never boast about their efforts, which is why we need to shout it out.
Cheers Desiree Metzger!"