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Our goal in posting our blogs is three fold: To introduce timely industry news that is relevant to our clients; to post items we find interesting and entertaining, and finally, to give you a glimpse of TSW US “Behind the Curtain”. We take the business aspects of what we are doing very seriously, but we like to have fun, hopefully that shines through here.

Our Blog is a puzzle being assembled. Sometimes the individual pieces of the puzzle don’t look like the whole picture once completed – You have to keep adding pieces one at a time to make the image clear. We hope you keep coming back to see how the TSW US puzzle takes shape.

Blog Image for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo

Q: Is Cinco de Mayo the same thing as Mexican Independence Day?   A: No, Mexican Independence Day is on September 16, but Diez y Seis de Septiembre was too clunky to catch on with beer distributors.   Q: Why is Cinco de Mayo so popular in the United States?   A: Over 30 million Americans are of Mexican descent, and the rest will take any opportunity to celebrate a French military defeat.   To quote the satirical newspaper The Onion  
Today we mark Mexicos defeat of the French in a day long battle at Puebla. Why do a multitude of Americans celebrate a minor military victory in a neighboring nation? Honestly, because we like a good party.  We like to learn about our neighbors.  We like eating tacos. 
It doesnt really matter why at this stage of the game. 
What matters is that we DO. 
In a big way. 
Sometimes advertising is about creating a movement where there really isnt one. The Tecate Beer and pitchers of Margaritas consumed today are testament that it works.   

Blog Image for Throwback Thursday - You've Come a Long Way Baby

Throwback Thursday - You've Come a Long Way Baby


It is Throwback Thursday at TSWUS, and we are highlighting a vintage Virginia Slims ad in honor of our Womens Network Series Spring Session today. While attitudes about smoking have changed dramatically, these ads still resonate. In a large part, this series is about everything but the product. Embracing the idea that glass ceilings no longer exist for women, (especially at TSW) is embodied in the story told in this series. What was it like historically, where are we today, and whats next are all focused in very limited copy, and heavy imagery. The ads project positive movement to a more opportunity rich future for women. The enthusiasm behind the idea leads to the product being embraced as a symbol of that momentum. Is this about cigarettes? Yep. Is it an amazing brand campaign that still resonates today? Yep. "You've come a long way baby." 

Blog Image for Cocktail Friday: SweetWater 420

Cocktail Friday: SweetWater 420

Its Cocktail Friday here at The Specialist Works US and we are celebrating with some SweetWater 420s in light of this years SweetWater 420 Fest currently taking place in downtown Atlanta. The SweetWater 420 fest is an annual event thrown by the SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia. The festival is always held on a weekend closet to Earth Day. The festival has taken place in Centennial Olympic Park since 2014.

The SweetWater 420 Fest originated in Oakhurst, Georgia in 2005 as a way for SweetWater to combine all of the elements it was most passionate about in one location. It brought together music, beer, and environment. Guests can drink SweetWater beer while watching headlining musical talents. Little Five Points Candler Park became the festivals new home two years later until 2013. Environmental awareness continues to be a huge part of the festival, which also includes musicians, local artists, and vendors. 

The SweetWater 420 Fest uses a variety of print, television, and social media to promote and advertise. It is important in advertising and marketing to understand your target audience and be able to locate them through different media. Locating the perfect fit for advertising is exactly what we do here at The Specialist Works US! SweetWater understands their main audience can be located through these sort of media and their use of them relates directly to their awareness and attendance.

Blog Image for Cocktail Friday: Celebratory Wine

Cocktail Friday: Celebratory Wine

Its Cocktail Friday here at The Specialist Works US and we are celebrating all together with a Going Away Celebration involving wine for our intern, Yldamarie! She will be graduating in May from Georgia State University with a degree in Journalism. After, she will be studying abroad in Ecuador practicing Nonprofit Public Relations. We are wishing her bon voyage on this new journey.

When it comes to new experiences, companies can also partake in change. Rebranding is a marketing strategy where an established company or organization changes their appearance with a new name, term, symbol, or a combination of the options. They do so with the intention of developing a new and different identity among the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders. Normally, radical changes to a brands logo, name, image, marketing strategy, and advertising themes occur.

A successful example of rebranding would be Apple. It is said that Apple has possibly one of the best rebranding stories of our era. In the early 1990s, Apple was suffering from low sales, low consumer interest, and competition was taking consumers away. These were issues until Steve Jobs took over the company in 1997. Jobs presented an image of minimalism and modernity. He did this with new innovative products and a series of advertising and marketing campaigns that focused on experiences as opposed to purchases. Through this, they were able to attract a new, diverse customer base. A little change and introspection can be healthy and exciting. Whether its the thrill of traveling to a new country or the excitement of reinventing your brand, new experiences are valuable exercises in learning and growth. 

Blog Image for Cocktail Friday: John Daly

Cocktail Friday: John Daly

Its Cocktail Friday here at The Specialist Works US and in honor of the 2017 Masters Golf Tournament, we are celebrating with some delicious John Daly cocktails. A John Daly consists of lemonade, iced tea, and vodka. It is named after the American golfer John Daly. The drink is an alcoholic version of the Arnold Palmer, which is named after an American golfer, as well. The cocktail was originally made popular at the Whiskey Creek Golf Course in Fort Myers, Florida during the 2005 Dirty Gator Open by bartender, Ian Forret. 
The Masters Tournament is also known as The Masters or The US Masters. It is one of the four major championships in professional golf. The Masters is normally scheduled for the first full week in April and is the first of the majors to be played each year. The Masters is held each year in the same location at the Augusta National Golf Club which is a private golf club in Augusta, Georgia. 
The tournament prides itself on being, a tradition unlike any other. Beginning in 1956 the tournaments host, Augusta National, secured a series of one-year TV deals with CBS. Sponsorship is important when it comes to the tournament.  The terms of each sponsor agreement arent disclosed however, sponsorship analyst IEG has calculated the total annual global contribution to be near $18 million. Some well-known sponsors include: AT&T, UPS, Mercedes-Benz, and Rolex. 

Blog Image for Cocktail Friday: Gin and Tonics

Cocktail Friday: Gin and Tonics


Its Cocktail Friday here at The Specialist Works US and we are celebrating with some tasty Gin and Tonics! The cocktail was first introduced by the army of the British East India Company where malaria was a prominent issue. In the 1700s, Scottish doctor, George Cleghorn, discovered that quinine could be used to prevent and treat the disease. Quinine was served in tonic water, however the taste was bitter. In the early 19th century, British officers in India took to adding a mixture composed of water, sugar, lime, and gin to the quinine to give the drink a more pleasant taste. Thus, the Gin and Tonic was born! Today, since it is no longer used to treat and prevent malaria, it contains much less quinine and is usually sweetened.

While it may have originated as a treatment, it is now consumed for pleasure and is a notable icon in todays pop culture. Some famous instances of Gin and Tonics in media include: James Bond specifies a recipe for a Gin and Tonic while in Kingston, Jamaica in the book Dr. No., Colonel Henderson complains when his Gin and Tonic is served with ice in the movie The Year of Living Dangerously, Ian Gillan mentions the cocktail in the song "Sleeping On The Job",  Billy Joel mentions the cocktail in the song "Piano Man",  Oasis also mentions the cocktail in their song "Supersonic", Nik Kershaw begins his song I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" with mention of the cocktail, the character Barney Stinson played by Neil Patrick Harris on the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother is often heard ordering a Gin and Tonic, and Gin and Tonic is one of John Constantine's drinks of choice in the Hellblazer comics. It is also the drink of choice for hero, Cat, in Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series.

Through these examples, it is easy to see Gin and Tonic is well-known throughout pop culture. This sort of awareness is what advertising and marketing aims to do. With this industry, the goal is to get the product to be well-known to its directed audience. Whether it is a Gin and Tonic or any other product, skilled professionals will learn their products targeted audience and which media to use to successfully get their message out. 

Want to try a Gin and Tonic for yourself?

Grab a glass, fill it with ice cubes, add gin and tonic as desired, and top off with a lime wedge! Enjoy!

Blog Image for Cocktail Friday: White Russian

Cocktail Friday: White Russian


Its Cocktail Friday here at The Specialist Works US and we are celebrating with some White Russians! Interestingly, the White Russian did not receive its name based off its country of origin, but rather for the type of vodka used in its recipe. In the 1930s, vodka was not well known in the US so people began associating all vodka as Russian, hence the use of the term in the drink. Large vodka marketing campaigns did not reach the states until the 1950s.

The White Russian did not get its current recipe of cream, vodka, and Kahlua until the 1960s. Today the White Russian has inspired a drinking game popular among college students who try to keep up with The Dude while watching The Big Lebowski. The Big Lebowski is a 1998 American crime comedy film written, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. White Russians make a prominent appearance in the film as the movies main character, The Dude, drinks a steady stream of them throughout. 

Implementing the cocktail in the film is a perfect example of product placement. Product placement is a technique commonly used by advertisers to subtly place brands and products in popular media and entertainment to promote interest. The White Russians popularity was revitalized due to its placement in the film.

Want to try and beat The Dude yourself?


5 cl (5 parts) Vodka

2 cl (2 parts) Coffee liqueur

3 cl (3 parts) fresh cream

Preparation: Pour coffee liqueur and vodka into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. Float fresh cream on top and stir slowly.

Blog Image for Celebrate Spring - Today is the Equinox

Celebrate Spring - Today is the Equinox

Today, March 20th is the first day of Spring. The Vernal Equinox occurred this morning, and marks the transition of seasons. It also marks time for a quarterly review of goals. Spring is time for growth, and renewal. What is an equinox? according to Dictionary.com it is: (noun) the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth.
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Blog Image for Wit & Wisdom Wednesday - Mark Twain on Advertising

Wit & Wisdom Wednesday - Mark Twain on Advertising


"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." -Mark Twain.

Its Wit & Wisdom Wednesday here at The Specialist Works US and we are focusing on the importance of advertising today in the office. Effective advertisings purpose is to reach out to a targeted audience and successfully get your message or product across to them. Twain is correct in saying no matter how small the thing, it can become large through a skilled advertising campaign. 

Here at TSW US, we all share the same vision for the company - "Build our clients business and ours will grow alongside it." To do this, we must be strategic in our approaches to get our clients businesses properly acknowledged. Some tips for an effective advertising campaign include: keeping your ads relevant, describe what sets your product apart, include a call to action, and to list the price of your product or service.

Blog Image for Art Tuesday  - Texas in a Nutshell

Art Tuesday - Texas in a Nutshell


It is Art Tuesday, and this week we are celebrating the launch of our Houston office, and our SXSW sponsorship on Thursday. Music, books, hats and longhorns are all  "de rigueur" in Texas, but there is something even more quintessentially Texan. A pair of blue jeans on a barbed wire fence. We are fortunate to have this image evoking the spirit of Texas by Bob Calbert. His amazing ability to capture a moment in time, and a feeling of both comfort an belonging resonate well with us here at TSWUS. The fact that he also often shoots in black and white makes it even better! 

We welcome the Lonestar State team to the fold with open arms, and can't wait to see how the adventure unfolds as we "Go West Young Man".