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    More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

Ryan Rager - Managing Partner

Ryan Rager is a 17-year I.T. veteran of the advertising world. Ryan graduated from the State University of West Georgia in 1999 with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. In his senior year, he began work as an intern at Echo Media, and was offered a full-time job by Echo immediately upon graduation. Ryan spent the next 13 years at Echo Media. He became a partner in 2002 while developing an industry-leading website and media planning tools. After 13 years with Echo Media, Ryan left to join forces with Kelly Elarbee and helped found TSW US. Ryan specializes in PHP + MySQL + jQuery development, and he has recently picked up a passion for photography and wearing kilts.

Cocktail Personality: Captain and Coke. Every now and then, you must stand up from behind the computer, put your foot on a barrel of rum, and say “Aaaargh”. Otherwise, you are just a computer geek. This way, you are a computer geek with a personality that also speaks pirate! The personality is key for our clients. (Pirate speak - not so much.)

cpt coke

Kerri Moore – Account Specialist

Kerri has all of the creative flightiness one expects from an accounts specialist – WAIT, WHAT? Pairing Dolce & Gabbana suits with horizontal stripped red and white tights, she has the kind of irreverence that needs to be reined in. Once it is, it can yield some real gems. Exuberant enthusiasm for costuming balanced by a drive for perfectly balanced bank book.

Cocktail Personality: Craft Beer. Original and often surprising. Always enjoyable to taste, even when you may not want to ever order another.

craft beer

Desiree Metzger – Media Specialist

Upon graduating from Valdosta State University in 2006, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, Desiree’ hit the ground running, garnering over 10 years of direct marketing experience. Passionate about the needs of the clients she serves, Desiree’ is a big proponent of “do it right the first time.” She understands by instinct other’s behaviors, which serves her well as a marketing professional.

Cocktail Personality: Dark ‘N’ Stormy. Served in a time-honored highball glass. Consisting of fermented ginger beer, and Black Seal Rum; the deep intricate flavors balance consummately. It’s the perfect embodiment of a mainland girl with an island spirit.

craft beer

Christian Prosser – Media Specialist

Christian Prosser was originally based in our UK office and transferred over to the US late in 2016. Originally specializing in insert media, he can now turn his hand to a variety of media channels in order to drive the best results for his clients. Christian studied in the UK and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Brighton, specifically in nutrition and sports analytics, which helps with the analytical input that direct response advertising needs.

Cocktail Personality: Follow the instruction “Pour the cream off the back of a spoon”…. the White Russian requires exactly that for a perfect pour. It’s that attention to detail that makes this the perfect cocktail match. Combining three very different flavors - Vodka, Cream & Kahlua - and layer them perfectly to create this masterful cocktail. The diversity of flavor being brought together to create an outcome that simply works.

craft beer

Erik Astrom – Account Executive

Erik is one of two Brits that has ventured across the pond to support the development of TSW US. Taking a different route than the rest of the team, he left school at 18 and dove straight into the business world. He has over six years of combined experience in print and media, with a hunger for excitement and success. Landing in Atlanta on this new journey feeds his passion and makes him want more.

Cocktail Personality: Curious Brew. From a local brewery in Kent, UK, it always goes down a treat. Always the first choice to drink, as it’s a great excuse to socialize.

craft beer

Paula Bench – Account Director

Paula is a Midwest farmer’s daughter who has made the city her home. She has a BA in Communications (with an emphasis in Advertising) from the University of North Dakota. After beginning her career in recruiting and Human Resources, she made the leap to marketing 12 years ago. Two Fortune 500 companies and one mid-sized-but-growing business later, Paula is finally fulfilling her college dreams of working in advertising. Although a city girl now, she is never too far from the “roll-up-your-sleeves” work ethic she was raised with.

Cocktail Personality: Vodka Water with a Lemon. When you know what you like, you pursue it unapologetically. Life is complicated enough, so never miss an opportunity to keep it simple. But don’t confuse simplicity with over-flexibility, just ask the bartender who mistakenly tosses in a lime.

craft beer

Rosie – Office Mascot

12" tall and 12" wide, Rosie is our adorable pug. Her huge personality makes her right at home at TSW US.

Cocktail Personality: Sneaks a sip of Strongbow when no body is watching.

rosie at the pub