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    Taking the Temperature

Seasonal swings in business are attributable to a number of factors depending on your business model, and the business environment at the time. Retail, Direct Response and Restaurant are all dramatically different in their impacts.

In trying to help define the causes, or triggers, we have put together a top level recap of what some of the key holiday impact are, what some of the key life stage change issues are, and what some of the Direct Response patterns are.

We have also attempted to put together some planning guidelines for both retail and direct response placement timing to help guide you in “when” you need to execute to take advantage of these key seasonal swings. We have broken the year out into the traditional 4 quarters and named them as follows:

  • Winter Q1 – Jan-March
  • Spring Q2 – April-June
  • Summer Q3 – July-September
  • Fall Q4 – October-December
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