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Hurricane Harvey Houston Relief


TSWUS is teaming up with local Atlanta Public School, Warren T. Jackson Elementary to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief. KIPP Climb Academy, located 1 mile from the Sims Bayou in South Houston will be receiving our donations.  Each house at Jackson is contributing different back-to-school items for children in the Houston area. Our i-transact offices in Houston have “feet on the ground”, and will keep us posted on how we can continue to help. We are happy to have a tangible way to move forward in doing so now, and are also extremely pleased to participate in an effort that helps educate our local Atlanta children on the importance of giving back. 


Many schools in Texas have been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to take action and show care and concern for others. Through an organization called Principals Helping Principals, we have been paired with KIPP Climb Academy—located 1 mile from the Sims Bayou in South Houston. We are asking Jackson students to take action and help by donating school supplies. Each house is designated specific school supplies to donate. To encourage participation in this humanitarian project, the house with the most school supply items donated will be awarded 10 house points. Here is the list of school supplies that each house will be collecting: Yellow - pencils, erasers, pens; Blue - crayons, markers, colored pencils; Black, composition book, paper, spiral notebooks; Silver - scissors, glue sticks, glue.

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Profit with a Purpose - Back to School


Last year at this time, I wrote this post about Desiree Metzger. I am warmed by her continued commitment to the cause.

Understanding what your contribution means in a community is the key to a continued commitment in supporting charitable efforts. The feedback we receive as a company is incredible.

As the President of this company, I am so proud of Desiree, and the rest of my staff, today as we ship out our contributions. Next year we hope to contribute even more.

If we can start one child's school year on a better foot, that will make all of the difference.

"One of the best moments in life is when you pass the torch. It is not great because you want to walk away, but because you see in someone else the ability to take on a task, and potentially do it even better. Holding on to ownership when someone else wants to step up is not only bad as a mentor, it means you never free up your time to explore something new.
This past week, we passed the torch for our “Back to School” charitable efforts for under-privileged children on to Desiree Metzger. We pulled her out of her comfort zone, and made her engage the rest of our staff to great success. Desiree not only embodies the selflessness that charitable efforts require, but keeps incredibly under the radar in pursuing her goal of helping others. People like her never boast about their efforts, which is why we need to shout it out.
Cheers Desiree Metzger!"

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40 Days of Giving

One of the great elements of the TSW culture is a commitment to giving back. From the top of the organization down, there is a genuine desire to put muscle behind the idea of corporate giving. From the launch of very original Goodwill Rocks, to small insular efforts on an ongoing basis, the commitment is realized not just discussed. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm, so weve decided to throw out a challenge. 40 days of giving. Starting today, TSWUS will be Giving every day for the next 40 days. Our acts of charity may not be ground breaking, but they will be heartfelt, and hopefully contagious. Joins us for the challenge! If you too can manage to fulfill 40 Days of Giving, we will recognize you with a very special gift. (Although we are pretty sure the Giving will feel like a gift in and of itself).   Get your face on our Team America Wall of Fame! Sign up for 40 Days of Giving. Wed love to hear what you are doing! Cheers all!
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Profit with a Purpose - Samaritan Boxes

Proud of all of our staff for pitching in on the Samaritan Boxes. We collected enough toys and supplies from the request list to complete 30 boxes!
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Profit With a Purpose

At TSWUS we are committed to giving back to our community,One of our areas of focus is in supporting charities helping children. While we are all in the holiday spirit, we are also very focused on needs not just presents. Today we were lucky to deliver a donation of necessities to our local Ronald McDonald House to help support children and families that are spending the holiday season in the hospital.
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Reduce Reuse Re: LOOM

're:loom employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving beautifully-designed products out of recycled materials.'
We are lucky to find a home for our fabric remnants, but to know that they are making a difference in the lives of so many is an added boon. A quick drive by intern Liam, and our burden became another's blessing.  Thanks so much to Lisa Wise for her help in getting our fabric where it needs to be.  Check out www.reloom.org for more info on this great organization.
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Profit With A Purpose - RMC Round 2

At TSWUS we are always looking for ways to give back to the community that are meaningful and aligned with our corporate philosophy. Our local Ronald McDonald House is a perfect fit for both. Last week we collected items off of their wish list in honor of Stephanie's Weigle's birthday and delivered them this week. Our donation of snacks, laundry soap, individual dinners and cleaning supplies may not change the world, but it should help make a tough time better for the families that have to stay there. 
Pushing out good karma one donation at a time!
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Profit With A Purpose - Ronald McDonald House

Today in celebration of one of our clients milestone birthdays, we decided to take on a charitable initiative in his honor. Our local Ronald McDonald house was the recipient of 3 cases of food from their wish list, along with magazines for the parents to help with the long waits at the hospital. We are excited to start contributing regularly as an office to our local branch. Assisting the families of sick children is an initiative we can embrace without hesitation. We are sure he will also appreciate the focus on children that he inspired. 
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Profit with a Purpose - PTSD Foundation of America

This is the image of an antique helmet turned upside down. It is almost unrecognizable for what it is unless you have seen it yourself. We use it in our post today as representative of what many of our veteran’s feel when returning home to try to resume “normal life”. 

We were recently pleased to be challenged to recognize the PTSD foundation of America and Camp Hope by one of our favorite client’s The Go Solution of Houston, TX. Their efforts to support Camp Hope through a shrimp and craw-fish boil were forwarded to us, and we were so impressed we decided to join in. Special thanks to Rob Calbert for helping us coordinate our own effort at Elarbee Media. Our staff donated, and we matched their contribution. It may not have been much, but it was certainly heart-felt. 

We are lucky to have another Texas based clientExpressionery.com, who challenged us at the same time to write 30 personal letters in the 30 days of April. Special thanks to Brandie Jewel for pushing us to do so. We have been richly rewarded. 

Enclosed with our donation, we wrote a note about what a veteran’s service means to us and as a company with many military connections that can not be under-rated. We were thrilled to get a personal note back. 

While we don’t pretend to have changed the world, we do hope that more companies we work with challenge us to be better people alongside being better business people. These two Texas based companies are great examples of how that can be done on a small or large scale. We thank you for it. 

To all of the veteran’s that have served, and all of those who are still serving this great nation, we thank you for your service. We know what we owe you, and wish you all the best. PTSDUSA.ORG

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Profit With a Purpose - Students Raise Awareness

At Elarbee Media, we know we have a role to play in our local the community. We love giving back, but sometimes we need the inspiration of someone else's leadership to see how to do it. We got that inspiration in April from students at Warren T. Jackson elementary school. 5th grade classes were put in charge of their own IB charity projects, and the results were amazing. Our staff was very excited to get behind charitable efforts that were spearheaded by young, but very empathetic students. 
In one of our favorite efforts, students requested donations of projects, games, books and puzzles to help other young people in recovery, that needed to be occupied while they were still healing. 

Great project, and we were happy to be involved even in such a small way. 

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Profit With a Purpose - 5th Grade IB Campaign for Charity

Elarbee Media is happy to have been able to participate in a 5th grade IB (International Baccalaureate) project collecting personal hygiene products for the under-privileged in the Atlanta area. 5th graders from Warren T Jackson developed their own charitable concept based on an identified need. They drummed up participation through multiple channels of contact with students in the school, their parent's and local businesses.
Great job future ad execs! Way to build a campaign!
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Artsapaloosa Saturday and Sunday

We are very excited that tomorrow and Sunday the Sandy Springs Artsapaloosa is back at our offices. This outdoor event is part street fair, and part Art Festival. As keen supporters of the local Arts community, we don't miss it. We will be there with our families, and encourage anyone local to join us. 6100 Lake Forrest Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30328. It opens at 11am.
We are eyeing some of the found-object art pieces by Steven Meadows. We love the insulator cap as an eyeball!Hopefully we make a successful purchase, so we are prepared for presenting found-art on Earth Day next Friday, April 22nd.Support local Artists!
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Profit With a Purpose - Segment Introduction

In a new segment we call "Profit with a Purpose", we are highlighting some of our local outreach efforts. As a print media agency, one of our opportunities to give back is always with our "comp" or ad-checking copies of magazines once we have reviewed them. Gifting these copies to a charity effort not only aids the charity, but recycles the printed copies to a new purpose.In posting these segments, we are trying to encourage other businesses to see that what they may no longer need might be of real value to someone in the community. Charity doesn't necessarily need to cost money, and in fact it can be mutually beneficial.Some of the small ways you can contribute:Bring Magazines to a local hospital, senior living facility, library or charity shop.Use current magazines as the basis for Soldier Boxes to deployed active duty military overseas.Sell Magazines to raise donations for a favorite charity.We edit for their benefit.
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