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    Firearm Industry Advertising
    Challenges and Solutions
Elarbee Media is experienced in bringing brands to the forefront of the firearms market. Firearms is a broad and encompassing category, and it is important to know within the label exactly who it is you are trying to target. At Elarbee Media, we don't just try to sell consumer products to hunters, we work in a number of varied categories under the Firearms label. Agencies, even those with Firearms exposure, do not necessarily understand the challenges of the individual segments under the Firearms umbrella. Even within the subsets, the separation between Mil-Leo sales and Direct to Consumer (DTC) requires a learning curve. Our areas of expertise are:
  • Shooting Sportsmen
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Firearms Retailers
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement

Our tactics are not exclusive to buying advertising

Direct to Consumer (B2C)
  • Choose titles based on media efficiency (Lowest CPM within tightest target audience selection)
  • Negotiate "Earned Media" through product testing and press releases
  • Add heavy focus on Social Media especially Facebook for consumer focused efforts
  • Use trade publications to build brand awareness and drive inbound inquiry
  • Use e-mail blasts as an inexpensive way to follow up with specific retailers
  • Purchase and direct mail name lists of shooting retailers in specific classes
  • Build a trade show schedule around retailer oriented shows
  • Expand the manufacturers' rep network in place
  • Drive social media engagement for product exposure